Converting Technologies To Products
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Optowares offers exciting career growth opportunities and success sharing equity participations. Optowares is searching for highly motivated individuals with top performance track records in Science, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Business, in general. Optowares has specific open positions list below:

Optical Engineer- Provide optical engineering expertise in product research, design, development, testing and improvement. Specified duties include: research, design and develop laser diode, photodiode, tunable, high power laser in an optical system using package design, modeling, simulation, fabrication and testing skills. Research, characterize and develop Opto-mechanical package. Research design, develop and upgrade semiconductor laser and photodiode packaging, SM and MM fiber coupling, optical mounting and alignment, optical assembly and test fixtures, sensitivity and tolerance analysis, optical detecting, imaging and spectroscopy technology in visible and infrared region. Provide technical support for optical metrology, fiber optics and free space optical experiments using Zemax, Labview & Solidwork skill & fiber, fiber optics components and fiber optics testing equipments. Require Master degree or foreign equivalent in Optical Engineering, EE or close related discipline plus 1 yr. experience including Opto-ELectronic Instruments.

Mechanical Engineers- Mechanical Engineer position for precision optical systems, and micro-fabrication tooling design. Thin spray machine development. Lens molding machine fabrication. Related experience required.

Software Engineer- Develop image processing/noise reduction code, set-up auto test and production control systems.

Scientist–Chemical/Biological Sensing- Senior Scientist /Engineer positions opening for experts on Chemical/Biological Sensing, in particular Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) based sensing technology development. Hands-on experience on SERS substrate fabrication and in-depth understanding on the scattering process are essential.

Electro-Optic Engineer - Micro-optic and Laser based sensor system- Multiple years of hand-on industrial experience is sought after.

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